A locally based hotel with "a spirit of hospitality" where many people come and interact More pleasant than a business hotel and more casually accessible for anyone to use than hospitality and banquet hotels in the city, this is a new style of hotel with guest spaces and facilities that can satisfy its customers. In addition to the hotel, the premises are linked with office, residential and shopping areas, creating a charming townscape that serves as an entryway for people travelling through west Mito.

Whenever various people visit the verdant pathway known as the Open Passage, the circle of people and the circle of hospitality broaden. A new style of hotel with love for the region which enables anyone to easily experience the quality of a hospitality and banquet hotel. Linked with a complex mall and condominiums, it is a powerful and charming area where many people interact and flourish, serving as a gate for west Mito.

The Open Passage, which is more than 1,000㎡ and surrounded by seasonally blooming trees and flowers. We love the town of Mito, love the people who visit and live there, and will create its future together. We will strive to be the hotel which is the closest to the area.

Hotel the WestHills mito
Hotel the West Hills mito
1-2-1 Daikumachi, Mito-shi,
Ibaraki-ken 〒310-0031