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A plate to surprise you and give you a big smile

We provide "a lively plate" of food that you will want to have again,
with a wide variety of ingredients chosen locally from Ibaraki personally
by the head chef which are beautiful and delicious.
Our motto is “create an atmosphere where anyone of any age can feel comfortable,
from ‘an anniversary with a special person’ to ‘a normal night out with the family’”,
and we strive to be a restaurant loved by all of our customers.
Please come and enjoy a spectacular time with our carefully selected tableware and cuisine.

Lunch Menu11:00〜14:30(LO 14:00)

Dinner17:30〜22:00(LO 21:00)(Course LO 20:30)

Morning Menu6:30〜10:00(LO 9:30)

An "energizing breakfast" including Mito Natto of Ibaraki prefecture , plums, famous foods of the prefecture, and seasonal ingredients.

  • for guests
  • for elementary school students
  • for non-guests
  • Pre-school age children or younger

Morning 和洋ブッフェ 約35品目

Western-style food
  • Egg dishesOmelets, scrambled eggs
  • Meat dishesBacon, Sausage, 5 kinds of salad
  • Various saladsLettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and sliced onions. Mainly made from vegetables produced in Ibaraki prefecture
  • SoupSoup of the day (minestrone, corn pottage, etc.), miso soup
  • DessertPancakes, yogurt, 3 types of bread, macedonia
Japanese food
  • Various grilled fish, hand-made natto, 2 types of Japanese side dishes
  • Side dishes

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Hotel the WestHills mito
Hotel the West Hills mito
1-2-1 Daikumachi, Mito-shi,
Ibaraki-ken 〒310-0031